The Backslide

Feature film, 83 minutes, 2018

Premise: When the single life in Los Angeles becomes too much to bear alone, a meter maid and a fanny pack designer rekindle their failed relationship.

Produced by Justifiable Pictures; written and directed by, cinematography and edited by Adam LeHouillier

As much a true labor of love for the characters in front of the camera as those behind it, the first feature film produced by Justifiable Pictures is currently surfing the festival circuit and available for distribution. See it with your ex.

Written by: Gail Parent

Documentary, 10 minutes, 2018

Premise: The life and career of legendary comedy TV writer and author Gail Parent.

Cinematography and field produced by Adam LeHouillier

Our collaboration with director Stacy Sherman and editor Benjamin Cook of Folk Cinema continues as we document the delightful and hilarious Gail Parent. Join us as we dive into her fascinating life as the only female in the writers room penning various hit TV shows including The Golden Girls, The Carol Burnett Show, and Mary Tyler Moore.

The Chute

TV and Internet spot, 30 seconds, 2017

Edited by Adam LeHouillier

Currently collecting awards through the horror festival circuit, Folk Cinema and director Stacy Sherman approached us to provide them with a terrifying new TV spot for their short film The Chute. Don't watch it alone!

Make America Great Again

Short film, 4 minutes, 2016

Premise: A boy on the town discovers what's out there.

Produced by Justifiable Pictures; written and directed by, cinematography and edited by Adam LeHouillier

Abandoning what's arguably our favorite part of the filmmaking process- the writing!- this experimental effort was shot in just one day with nothing more than an old wallet and some sharp instincts on the go to determine what the story would become.

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest: When You Give a Girl a Chip...

TV commercial, 30 seconds, 2015

Directed and cinematography by Adam LeHouillier

Justifiable Pictures was lucky to team up with the very funny LA comedy group Walk of Shame for the final year of the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest. We didn't win, but we had a blast!

Introducing Fashion Forward Prosthetic Covers by UNYQ

Promotional video, 3 minutes, 2014

Directed and Cinematography by Adam LeHouillier

For a run of promotional videos, we were incredibly grateful to be hired to help launch this noble and technologically- advanced prosthetic company, giving us a great opportunity to meet some amazing people and receive some rare education along the way.

Life Line Booth

Documentary series for Pivot TV, various episodes, 2014

Premise: A social outreach documentary series where sidewalks in destitute neighborhoods are transformed into havens by way of donated items, set up there for anyone's taking.

Cinematography by Adam LeHouillier

Justifiable Pictures was approached by creator Ryan Oksenberg to collaborate on this inspirational documentary series which originally aired on Pivot TV. An incredibly rewarding experience, we are proud to have been a part of this outreach program and shed some light on the stories in Skid Row of downtown Los Angeles.

Sound event

Promotional video, 1 minute, 2014

Directed by, cinematography and edited by Adam LeHouillier

Employed by the incredible party promotors at Ouija Entertainment, we had a blast capturing an incredible evening of music and good times at this hot Hollywood nightclub.

Tripp Advice

Live seminar for YouTube, 5 minutes, 2013

Cinematography by Adam LeHouillier

An early project for Justifiable Pictures, we were hired by online sensation and dating coach Tripp Advice to shoot this live seminar. Not only a fun and unique experience, but our YouTube clip has over a half million views and is still counting!